OFW Global Destinations

Many of Filipino’s are afraid to be deployed in Middle East Countries specifically in Saudi Arabia but data reveals that Filipinos are brave enough to face the consequences rather than waiting for nothing. “ It’s better to try than to regret”.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remained to be the top destination of both new hires and rehires with a total deployment of 402,837, up by 5.30% from 382,553 in 2013. The United Arab Emirates came in second with 246,231, down by 5.70% from 261,119 in 2013. Singapore occupied the third spot with 140,205 and remained as Asia’s number one destination of OFWs. Qatar, Hong Kong,  Kuwait, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bahrain, and Canada round up the top ten destinations of OFWs.

By World Region, 90% of OFWs are in the Middle East and Asia. The Middle East employed 885,541 OFWs or 61.89% of the total land-based deployment.

The figure was 2.59% higher than 863,152 in 2013. Asia hosted 420,106 OFWs or 29.36 % of the total land-based deployment. The rest are in Europe (29,250), Americas (27,615), Africa (22,240), Oceania (21,311) and the Trust Territories (3,867).

Source: POEA