How Overseas Workers Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. While each family or community has its own traditions, employees around the world have specific regional traditions that are very specific and very different in different regions. This article explains how overseas workers celebrate Christmas.

In Italy, this how workers celebrate Christmas, the traditional Christmas dinner consists of seven fish. Their meals are traditionally meatless during Christmas since in the Catholic Church Christians should abstain. Christian workers also make sweet bread stuffed with raisins, nuts and candied fruit. It is perfect for breakfast and makes an amazing French toast so workers really enjoy here.

In Germany, they have a rich tradition of outdoor Christmas trade markets for employees. Despite the low temperatures, workers turn to traditional Christmas gifts and enjoy local Christmas treats. The markets are open since the end of November and open until Christmas Eve.

In Greece, workers celebrate their Christmas holidays on 25th December, unlike Easter celebration, which follows the Orthodox calendar. During the Christmas holidays in Greece, it is very important for workers, it is a festive day more festive than in the West, so they make less bright decorations which are in religious nature of the holidays are considered by the workers.
In England, before Christmas Day is the Boxing Day. workers traditionally set this day for the poor. Its a holiday in England where well-paid workers get an opportunity to give donations to poorly paid workers. Since any domestic workers and other illegal employees have to work for Christmas. Christmas Day was the day they visited their family and remembered the humiliated ones as well. All employees in England celebrate Christmas by donating to poorly waged employees from the time of boxing day.

In Mexican homes, the main Christmas decoration is a cradle. It is often built by hand and mounts throughout the season to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Brazil has a very multicultural history, and many of its traditions vary greatly by region and workers according to immigration standards. The same applies to Australia. It should also be borne in mind that in the two multicultural countries have many of their workers coming to their families to celebrate Christmas, enjoy the abundant sun, eat outdoors and the warm temperatures.

Although Christians in India are a minority, Christmas is still celebrated by some workers and is a good compromise between British colonial traditions and rich regional additions. In some areas, mangoes trees and bananas are decorated with lights. Neighbors share greetings and parties are organized in urban areas, nightclubs, and hotels.

In Japan, Very few people in their population are Christians, but Christmas is still warmly celebrated. For Christians, vacations do not consist of sharing gifts with family members but sharing a good time with the poor, especially those in the hospital. Many employees and private homes are decorated with branches and evergreen arches.

No matter how overseas workers celebrate Christmas, Christmas is all about love, compassion, food, and family. The greatest gifts of this season are love and togetherness, regardless of language or food.

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